There is a well equipped computer laboratory with internet facilities to provide fundamental lessons in computer to student teachers. They are also given necessary training in using computer as an effective aid in instruction.

Along with theoretical knowledge regarding various facts of education, practical knowledge is also highly essential to attain teaching competency. With this view in mind, the college has set up well equipped laboratories viz. Language laboratory, Technology Laboratory, Psychology laboratory, Physical Science laboratory and Natural Science laboratory. In these laboratories the student teachers are provided opportunities to do practical work under the guidance of the concerned teachers.

ICT Lab is furnished with 35 seats and internet access. It has facilities for using various audio visual equipments.

Well furnished hostel facilities are also provided for the women students in the college premises.

The college maintains a well furnished psychology lab with a variety of psychological tests and equipments.

Along with theoretical knowledge, practical knowledge is also highly essential. Student teachers are given opportunities to do practical work under the guidance of concerned teachers.

The institution is having two libraries. One common library for B.Ed. and M.Ed. students and the other one exclusively for M.Ed. students. The institution subscribes 14 journals and 21 periodicals. The Library has a collection of about 10000 books.

A well equipped language lab is maintained in the institution.

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